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We are fully compliant with the highest standards of sterilization as legislated by the Alberta Dental Association and the Government of Alberta.

We ensure cleanliness in our clinic:

  • Protective overshoes are worn in the clinical area, to prevent outside contamination
  • We wash our uniforms daily on site and they never leave the clinic
  • All water taps are hands-free
  • Water lines are treated daily for biofilm prevention
  • We chose specific flooring that disinfects easily
  • Hand sanitizer is put out on the front counter, for everyone’s use
autoclave for sterilization

Beyond Simple Cleanliness

Sterilization goes beyond basic cleanliness, and is something we take seriously. All of the instruments we use in your mouth are either disposable or go through our rigorous two-pass sterilization process. We would be glad to provide more information upon request.

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