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What are your Minimally Invasive Options?

Dr. Nagra and Dr. Wasik firmly believe “the best dentistry is no dentistry,” that the strongest part of a tooth is its own enamel, and no matter what restorative material we use it will never be the same as your natural tooth.

So we always aim to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. We apply this concept of minimally invasive options at every step: examination and diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

Early Cavity Detection and Treatment

We try to intercept cavities very early in their development. If detected early enough, it’s sometimes possible to heal the cavity by modifying your diet and hygiene habits, or through other means that encourage healing of your own tooth material.

Early tooth decay can sometimes be treated with additional care such as air abrasion: the use of a mildly abrasive powder propelled onto the surface of your teeth to remove decay. This doesn't require any needles or drilling and is only used on a very limited part of your tooth, without unnecessarily damaging any healthy structure.

Restoration Options

Having a filling done once is never the end of a tooth’s treatment. Fillings have a “shelf life” and depending on many circumstances will need to be changed several times in a lifetime, weakening the tooth somewhat each time. This may eventually lead to nerve damage in the tooth, requiring root canal treatment, a dental crown, or in the worst case a tooth extraction.

inlay and onlay restoration

Left tooth restored with an onlay.
Right tooth restored with an inlay.
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To significantly decrease the need to replace your restorations, we offer either porcelain or gold inlays or onlays for restoring teeth, which promote durability. When a crown is the only practical option, we still try to offer more conservative choices that help you retain healthy enamel, such as partial bonded dental crowns or a 3/4 gold crowns.

As a general dentist offering cosmetic dental procedures, Dr. Nagra and Dr. Wasik also practice minimally invasive smile restoration. A smile makeover can be done using porcelain veneers, which require only partial removal of enamel from the front of your teeth to be placed.

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