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Dr. Andrew Wasik

Dr. Wasik is a general dentist in Calgary who has been practicing general dentistry and offering cosmetic dental treatment for over 25 years.

In addition to dentistry, he has a passion for photography and has been capturing the world through a camera lens for over 40 years. He also has a strong connection with his family. Moving from Poland to Winnipeg in the '80s and practicing dentistry there for 9 years, Dr. Wasik, his wife Krystyna and his family then settled in Calgary. With his son Luke’s family now in Edmonton and other son Mat living in Europe, Dr. Wasik is able to satisfy his love of travel. He also has a deep interest in history, philosophy, physics, and enjoying the outdoors or reading a good book.

Dr. Wasik’s comprehensive and preventive approach to dentistry focuses on long lasting health, function and aesthetics. Dr. Wasik discusses biocompatibility with his patients, and educates them on the longevity and material choices for their restorations.

He also believes in integrative dentistry – a concept that the state of your teeth, gums and jaw joints can directly affect the rest of your body, like your muscular and skeletal systems, and those systems influence the condition of your mouth as well. Recent medical research also points to a correlation between dental health and heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, low child birth weight, and other conditions. [1] [2]

Dr. Andrew Wasik
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[1] Clinical study: Clinically Classified Periodontitis and Its Association in Patients with Preexisting Coronary Heart Disease (Nikolaos A. Chrysanthakopoulos and Panagiotis A. Chrysanthakopoulos)

[2] Mayo Clinic website: Oral health: A window to your overall health.

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