Dental Health

How Do I Get The Perfect Smile?

Having a dazzling smile is high on the list of most attractive features. A perfect smile lights up your face, exudes confidence and is perceived as a sign of good health and wellbeing. A smile is your gateway to connecting with others so it’s critical to take good care of yours. For many, this is…

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What Happens During a Complete Dental Examination

We’ve all had a dental examination in the past – You have a few x-rays taken and the dentist spends 10 minutes telling you what they see wrong then you make an appointment to fix it.  At Ambiance Dental, we do things very differently. When you visit our clinic for a complete dental examination, we…

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What are the Elements of the Perfect Smile?

Significant advancements in digital smile design have allowed dentists to give their patients the perfect smile. The ideal smile can be designed using software so patients can see what the end results will look like and create a plan with their dental team to get there.  Knowing that you can have an amazing smile is…

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