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Common Questions about
Wearing a Splint or Night Guard

How many appointments does it take to make a splint?

Two appointments are required to create and fit your splint. An impression (mould) of your teeth will be taken at the first appointment, which takes about 15 minutes, and your splint will be made in a lab to fit your teeth. A second appointment is required to do adjustments for ensuring a much more exact fit and relationship between your upper and lower jaw. It may be suggested that you come in periodically for a quick adjustment as well, to maintain a comfortable fit. We can also check and clean your appliance at your regular hygiene visits.

Is wearing a splint uncomfortable?

No, wearing a splint at night is unobtrusive and shouldn’t be uncomfortable. In fact, many clients report an improvement in their sleep since their splint relieves their headaches, stiff neck or sore muscles. If you find any discomfort, please book an appointment so we may check the fit of your splint and ensure it’s working properly.

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