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Root Canal Therapy FAQ

Does root canal therapy hurt?

Anesthetics will be used during root canal therapy to prevent any discomfort. After the treatment you may experience very mild discomfort in your tooth for only a couple of days.

How many appointments are necessary for root canal therapy?

The root canal therapy itself usually takes one appointment, though one or more appointments are often required to properly restore the tooth with a filling or dental crown afterwards.

Are there alternatives to root canal therapy?

Yes there are, but receiving root canal therapy at an early stage is almost always the recommended solution if you are suffering from an infection of the tooth’s nerve. The alternative is to have the problem tooth extracted, since infected tooth pulp cannot heal.

Is root canal therapy safe?

Yes. The pulp inside your teeth is actually unnecessary for practical purposes once your teeth have fully grown, and its role instead becomes a sensory organ. Therefore using root canal therapy to remove your tooth’s pulp isn’t harmful to the function of your tooth, and the restorative filling we use in the root canal itself is a biocompatible material.

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